How Playing Video Games Increases Employee Productivity

Playing video games is generally prohibited in the office. It is detested to the extent that an employee can get dismissed when found playing during the office hours.

However, there are companies who support and encourage gaming in their offices. It is considered as beneficial to them as a way to distress employees. Video games are also used as a simulator for military training. It also has several advantages for corporate businesses, let us read most of them below.



Stress Reliever

Corporate work can get stressful for some employees, especially if they are overwhelmed with deadlines and projects. Playing video games can become a tool to distress them from work. Research has found that playing video games can help relieve stress and reduce depression.


Stress can affect the overall performance and productivity of an employee. For this reason, it is important to consider the mental health of your employees, and video games is one of the most effective ways in solving this problem.



Problem Solving

Most employees are usually asked to solve complicated projects and ponder a solution. However, if an employee is under stress, it can impact their productivity, thus creating very few ideas to solve a problem.


Playing video games can stimulate neurogenesis (a region of the brain) that is responsible for forming memory, motor skills and strategic planning. Gaming exercises your brain and even improve your mental skills. In return, this sharpens your mind and helps you deal with real-life problems.




Working in the office can turn employees into apathetic zombies. You wake up, go to work, eat, and then sleep. Working for a long period of time can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health. Even during office hours, employees tend to rarely interact. Most of the time they are busy with their own work, which makes them seldom communicate with other employees.


The beauty of gaming brings people together, and encourages them to socialize. This can be a huge benefit for the company because it leads to better relationship with employees – uniting a team as a result.


Motivate Employees

One of the biggest issues employees face today is the lack of motivation. It is hard to get motivated if you aren’t being given interesting tasks. While in gaming, you can keep morale high and it can become a reason why employees look forward to work every day.

Satisfied and highly-motivated employees are an asset to the company. These employees are ready to take the initiatives and this can only be achieved if the morals in the team are high.